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Name: Carmen.
Age: Seventeen.
Location: Virginia.
Sexual Orientation: Straight.
Relationship Status/Pictures?: Taken, almost one year. :]

Describe yourself in no more than 5 sentences: I'm intelligent, and somewhat nerdy [I still play Zelda and Pokemon]. I love the arts and I play an array of instruments [including melodica, organ, and tambourine in my boyfriend's band haha] and I love to write and paint. I'm going to college to become a librarian. I'm a democratic socialist, most people find that odd. I can do Vogue or Nintendo Power.


(No more than 10)
Bands/Artists: Nirvana. Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The Hives. Devo. Refused. At the Drive-In. Bob Dylan. The Daisy-Maes. The Last Place. The Mars Volta.
Movies: Interview With the Vampire. Wayne's World. SLC Punk. Paying It Forward. The Corpse Bride. Orange County. Dracula. Night of the Living Dead. The Fox and the Hound. The Wall [Pink Floyd].
Books: White Oleander. 1984. A Clockwork Orange. Deception Point. The Perks of Being a Wallflower. The Wizard of Oz. The Bell Jar. The Sound and the Fury. Lovely Bones. Invisible Man.
TV Shows: I don't really watch television much. I like real-life things, such as the news, documentaries, that sort of thing. Ironically, I love cartoons. My favorite is The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.
Actor/Actress: Jack Black / Natalie Portman. Weird mix, eh?
Color: Dark gray and red.
Vacation Spot: I've never been too many places, but I would like to go to Europe, especially Spain and Germany, and also to Canada. I don't like the beach at all. I'd rather spend my time in the mountains or somewhere like that. The only place I've been outside of the U.S. is the Bahamas.


(Pick at least 2)
Gay Marriage: I totally support gay marriage. For one, it's going to happen anyway. It's a total disgrace that two people can't get married even if they are in love just because they are a different gender. Marriage isn't just an emotional committment either, it's a legal joining. They share possessions etc. Say a young boy is abused by his parents and as he gets older he wants to get away from them. Let's say his parents are absolutely terrible people too and very lazy so they basically have nothing. So he falls in love with another man and they live together all their lives. Then he dies. Instead of the person he's dedicated his life to getting to keep what they've built together, his crummy family does and the other could be left with nothing. I also just think it's really immoral and not the government's palce to say who can marry and who can not.
Religion: I think it's extremely interesting, but I can't find one. I ask too many questions, and I find things hard to believe. I think it's something beautiful though, and I really wish I had it. I really dislike people who try to force their religion on other people or act like it's a trend.
World Conflict:
Drugs/Alcohol: I think if alcohol is legal, marijuana should be. It's much more dangerous to yourself, and your surroundings. I think some drug use is okay for recreation, on occassion, but I definitely wish there weren't drugs like heroin and cocaine.
Animal Rights: I think that animals should be treated with respect. Reguardless as to whether they have feelings or not, they can still feel pain. I'm not a full-out vegan or anything but I really think that's awesome if you can do that. I hate animal abuse and neglect.


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But it's Pay It Forward. Sorry.. that's my favorite movie.
Oh. :[
Sorry. I've only seen it once, and I thought that was the name. That was an amazing movie. Thanks for correcting me. And for the yes :]
Besides Nirvana I liked you
I loved you<3
You're different...but a good different.
You seem really thoughtful, opinionated, and mature and I liek that.
+I lovelovelove Natalie Portman (and Jack Black!)
And let's face it...I still play Pokemon, too:)
Didn't find a reason to say no.
+++Yeah Yeah Yeahs
+/- pictures.



January 28 2007, 01:17:47 UTC 12 years ago

:] I really liked you, we have a lot in commen. I liked your views
I wasnt logged in. That was me
+Interview with a Vampire.
why not
you seem so unique!
I suppose.

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