tipensosempre (tipensosempre) wrote in train_wreckk,

yes, i am s-t-a-m-p-e-d


Well ladies, my first year here and already we're getting snow! It's been snowing here for about an hour and we already have an inch/an inch and a half of snow, which is pretty sweet.

I don't know how it's going to go tomorrow, but either I'm going to be upset because I have to walk in the snow.. or I'm going to be happy because I get to sleep in.

I'm praying for the latter.

I took this picture from the crack between the window and the brick wall.

you can't really catch snow that well.

white blanket on the ground!

My suitemates & several other of my hallmates are outside right now playing in the snow. I would be too if I weren't sick and if it weren't 1:00 (and I had an 8 o'clock tomorrow).

Hope you ladies are doing well, and if you get snowed in tomorrow -- I HOPE YOU GET TO SLEEP.
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GRR! One state over and I don't get to experience this greatness. EVER!
What state are you in?
Lucky. We got some snow here, but it never accumulated to anything and I want to go sledding SO bad:(